Stupid Stout, by Coronado Brewing Company is a much welcome surprise.  I had known Coronado for their Blue Bridge Coffee Stout, Orange Ave Wit, Mermaid Red and Islander IPA.  These are all pretty solid, every-day ales that offer great flavor at a decent price.  I was pretty much familiar with these but was not too familiar with the “Crown Series” beer, which are their special and seasonal beers, which Stupid Stout falls into.  Imperial stouts happen to be one of my favorite types of beer so I found this to be pretty exciting.

I poured this 22-ounce bottle into a tulip and examined the black body with brown, creamy head, which settled to a nice halo, leaving a nice, consistent lacing down the glass.  This stout really is dark and one sniff lets you know that this beer is strong.  Clocking in at an impressive 9% ABV, Stupid Stout really is a something to enjoy slowly.  Upon taking another few whiffs, I noticed coffee, dark chocolate, fresh baked bread with sweet, dark fruit notes.

The taste is a lot like the smell.  The noticeable differences were cocoa, toffee, vanilla and maple notes were present up front.  The back end brought some slight hop spice with roasted malt, sweetness and boozy.  The taste of Stupid Stout is generally pretty balanced.  I am not used to tasting hops at all in imperial stouts, and so this was different.  I would say that the hop presence was just barely there, and offered just another note to an already complex variety of flavors.

The mouthfeel of Coronado Stupid Stout was powdery, creamy, sticky and with light but adequate carbonation.  This is pretty typical for stouts.  I expect a low carbonated, sticky and slightly thick beer.

Stupid Stout by Coronado Brewing Company is now on my list of go-to imperial stouts!  I would compare this beer to Lagunitas Imperial Stout or Sierra Nevada Narwahl in style.  I plan to put this on rotation as beers I enjoy slowly with a good cigar.

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