Coronado Brewing Co. Idiot IPA Review
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During my time at my homebase in San Diego I have become quite fond of a particular brewery that goes by the name of Coronado Brewing Company. Maybe it is the memorable mermaid logo, or the colorful bottles that characterize each one of their brews. In a city surrounded by top dogs, Coronado Brewing Co. has definitely made a presence despite its subtle and quiet nature. In part because one of the strongest styles Coronado has to offer is its variations of IPAs.

My human connection recently passed me a bottle of Idiot IPA. Idiot IPA is one of Coronado’s core releases and their flagship Imperial IPA. Now I have had my fair share of run-ins with Imperial IPAs, but something about Idiot IPA struck me differently than others I have tried in the past. At first pour, the beer is a nice dark bronze color with a thick cloudy foam head. For IPA lovers, this is a great sign. The Idiot IPA lets out an aroma that clearly does not hide its heavy use of its hops, prominently Cascade hops, but the aroma invokes both a sense of west-coast tropicalness with a hint of piney bitterness. Now here is the particular catch about the Idiot IPA which is its taste. Yes it is bitter, strong, and heavy bodied like a typical Imperial IPA, but it is not overwhelming. For an Imperial IPA it is smooth and refreshing. For novice IPA drinkers, it is a great intro to what an IPA can do. For the experienced, it is a hoppy, but causal evening pint. Also keep in mind that while a double/imperial IPA may sound intimidating if you are not fond of IPAs, they are actually not as bitter due to a bigger use of malts compared to a regular IPA.    

Many other breweries in San Diego also brew memorable double/imperial IPAs such as Stone’s Ruination and Green Flash’s West Coast IPA, but Coronado’s Idiot IPA definitely makes its presence known. It is definitely a beer to try for IPA lovers. If you avoid IPAs like the plague, take a risk because maybe this is one you will let pass. While it is a heavy bodied, hoppy beer, it is smoother than most regular IPAs. However, remember my warning. It may be smooth, but it will still turn you into an idiot if you are not paying attention.

Coronado Brewing Co. claims that it is called Idiot IPA because of the malts and hops they toss in the beer, but I think it is possibly because of something else. The beer goes down smooth to the point where one forgets that it is 8.0 percent alcohol. I hope you do not have anything important to do after downing a bomber of Idiot IPA.

If you are in San Diego, you can find Idiot IPA on tap or in bottle at the few Coronado Brew locations scattered around town, or at various grocery or liquor stores. Outside of San Diego, it may be harder to find on tap, but bottles of Idiot IPA find its way throughout California and other various states.

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