Normally on the team of Aliens I am the first to jump at an IPA and pull it apart. My rules for picking an IPA start with its ABV percentage and end with IBU.  Notice I said ‘normally’ the reason for this is Coronado Brewing Companies Hoppy Daze is not a normal IPA it is a Belgian style IPA. Which to me was worrying. Only because I’m not the hugest fan of Belgians but I was willing to partake in the analysis considering the CBC mermaid mascot is a sure fire sign of a good time. For CBC’s Hoppy Daze a Belgian IPA those numbers are small yet they pack a punch:  ABV – 7.5% & IBU at 74.

Upon pouring in a standard glass there is no head no lace and little carbonation. It is a cream soda blonde or light amber, caramel if you will. The aroma is filled to the brim with hops and malt, but mainly hops. Which is expected when you shove three kinds of hops together ( Chinook, Centennial and Warrior) all which blend very well but bring little to no dynamic change in palate. Mouthfeel is smooth yet lasting, resting easily on the tongue but not overpowering to where you’ll need to be eating something alongside this beer. For those of you that are huge IPA fans like myself I feel this is lacking something with which to aspire to but is not a home-run, maybe a double or a solid triple. It is  definitely a beer to pick up and drink whether watching a game or shooting the shit with friends but not necessarily a game changer in the Coronado lineup.

As I said there is little to no dynamic change in palate it is straight hop, straight bitter which is fine but can be a little tame when wanting something with flavor. Coronado could use a bit of adversity to this beer some type of note that strung it all together even a citrus note would benefit it. I will always love one of the San Diego hometown heroes that is Coronado which is why this beer will consistently stay on my shelf and be a fall back when I need it.

Coronado Brewing Co. Hoppy Daze

Coronado Brewing Co. Hoppy Daze

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