img_1967Fruit flavored IPAs have picked up in popularity recently, and Coronado has introduced a new variant to this wave: the Guava Islander IPA. Typically, the fruit infusion bears some type of citrus to compliment the bitter hoppiness of an IPA. Coronado’s take is slightly different, instead aiming for a predominantly sweet sidekick.

Appearance: Characterized by a thick and creamy deep orange, this beer is a treat to look at. This opaque appearance is due to the addition of the guava puree. It pours a medium white head, typical of the IPA family.

Aroma: I think the real strong-suit of this beer is the aroma. The guava flutters into your senses, transporting you to some tropical island getaway.

Taste: The aroma is the true strong stage presence of the guava. Flavor-wise, the guava comes through in very subtle undertones. Without being told of the guava’s existence, it might even go unnoticed. In many ways, this beer tastes like a standardly good IPA. I think the sweetness of the guava gets overpowered by the hoppiness of the IPA. A little added citrus or maybe more guava infusion seems needed to really position this beer as more than a standard IPA. 3.5 star

Mouthfeel: Tingly and crisp, this light feeling beer feels like just what you want in your mouth when you sit on soft sand and have the blaring sun beating down overhead. It leaves a playful, bubbly sensation in the back of the throat.

Overall: I think this IPA could use a little more guava flavor-wise, as it was a bit hard to notice. However, the light, crispy feel and strong fruity aroma make this IPA a solid choice for a sunny day at the beach. Its backed by a pleasant hoppy taste, and is easy to put back. 

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