Frog’s Breath IPA
Frog's Breath IPA BeerCoronado Brewing Company’s Frog’s Breath IPA ” originated from two home-brewers that entered their brew in the American Home Brewer’s Association’s “Pro-Am”, which is a competition that requires home-brewers to pair-up with professional brewers. The name “Frog’s Breath” is to pay local tribute to the Navy and the brewer’s personal Naval experience.

The appearance, when poured, is golden and cloudy with some residual yeast in the bottle.  The beer did have a large head that quickly dissipated; it also did not have very much carbonation.

Frog’s Breath has a very citrus note (which I would hope, since it is in the name). It had more than just a lime aroma, it also had some orange and lemon notes. You can definitely smell the hops in the beer, the Summit and the Centennial hops help with the citrus aroma, while the CZT hops give the beer a more herbal complexity.

Now let’s get to the good part; the taste would be expected to have a bitter, citrus, kick you in the face taste, but does not. With the ABV at 6.5% and the IBUs only at 50, this beer is a very drinkable American IPA (can I say “session-able”). You still get some bitterness from the hops, especially the CZT, which is not for the weak palate (which none of these earthlings have). But the beer has a very malty, sweet backbone that minimizes the bitterness. The beer has a very nice mouth feel, the taste does not just evaporate off the tongue, and does not linger too long on the taste buds.

Frog’s Breath is a very balanced beer, lots of hops and citrus with a nice malty undertone that keeps the beer from overwhelming the palate, it would be a great, higher ABV, session beer that many earthlings can enjoy.

I would pair this beer with curry to accentuate the spice and the lime leaf. I would also like to have this beer with a bowl of Phở, the fatty feel of the fish sauce, and lightness of the mint and bean sprouts would compliment the IPA.

Coronado Brewing Co. Frog’s Breath IPA beer review

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