Coronado Brewing Co. - Bobble Head Red IPA Review
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Coronado Brewing Company

Bobble Head Red IPA
ABV: 8.0 % | IBU: 65

We were lucky to get our alien hands on this Bobble Head Red IPA. The humans at Coronado Brewing Co. gave us a sneak peek into their newest beer that is set to release this fall.

Appearance: Once poured the beer color is a dark amber/red that follows with an off-white head with good retention. When held up to a light source you can see that even though it has a darker shade, it still remains visibly clear.

Aroma: A strong hop aroma meets you at first whiff. Followed by piney, citrus and tropical notes that do well when combined with a medium malty-sweet scent. The more this beer warmed up theIMG_1512 stronger the pine scent strengthened but not in an overpowering way, the aroma still maintained its balance for this style of beer.

Flavor: The aroma fools you into thinking this beer is going to have a strong hoppy taste to it. The hop flavor is more of a medium that mixes in well with the robustness of the malt. You can gather the citrus and tropical notes that help contribute to the smoothness of the drink. The hop flavor lingers in the aftertaste but not in a harsh way that is off-putting.

Mouthfeel: This beer has a medium body with a smooth texture. It almost feels light with a warm alcohol follow that doesn’t take away from the overall balance of the beer.

Overall, the Coronado Brewing Co. Bobble Head Red IPA is a great beer. The aroma of a traditional IPA and the smoothness of the red ale help make it an instant favorite. This beer like most from Coronado Brewing is a great option especially with the fall months coming up. The Bobble Head Red IPA was really enjoyable and I can’t wait to get my alien hands on another one. Be sure to pick up one up when Coronado Brewing Co. releases this West-Coast gem and come back to grade it yourself.

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