Coronado Brewing Blue Mountain Coffee Stout

Coronado Brewing Blue Mountain Coffee Stout

Howdy y’all! Don’t mind my odd accent — it’s how them fellers over on Tau Ceti VI talk. But I’m back in my favorite little corner of the Milky Way for some more tasty San Diegan beery goodness. And this one, from Coronado Brewing Company, has the added bonus of having some primo coffee in the mix. That’s more than enough to cure me of any odd speech defects, for sure!

Café Moto dark roast coffee-10lbs per 10bbl”? I’m not sure if that is more, less, or the same than the pinnacle of the coffee stout style (i.e. AleSmith’s Speedway Stout). Either way, the coffee is the first and last thing you taste in this beer — not that’s a bad thing, of course! And if that is a problem for you, then why did you buy a coffee beer in the first place, eh? Silly humans can be silly!

Like most stouts, this clocks in with a very subdued hop profile (27 IBUs, for those folks that are keeping score at home). Said to have been made with the very same hops that gives Anchor Steam its signature hoppy vibe (i.e. Northern Brewer hops), but in this case they probably could have used pretty much any non-citric/piney hop and gotten away it; the coffee is indeed the alpha and omega of this beer’s very existence in this or any other dimension. Trust me: I’ve road tripped to quite a few different dimensions — I know what I speak of — can dig you it?

Which does lead me to perhaps my only qualm with this beer. Yes, it’s a coffee stout, but even still, it strikes me as being a bit one dimensional. It has coffee, and then some coffee, and later some more coffee shows up, to make for a something of a coffee trifecta, if you will. But that’s all there is. nothing more. None of the burly roasty notes from the malt bill, or hints of cocoa, or a filling mouthfeel, or anything else that would make this a fine stout if it did not have the coffee. In other words, if the coffee was somehow extracted from this beer and injected straight into one of my two hearts, I’d be happy as an Alpha Centaurian clam. *But* the resulting coffee-less stout would be a snoozer, I’m afraid to say.

Not horrible, but I just think that the coffee is the one and only thing that keeps this beer legit. Fine for what it is, but not something that I would come back to the next time I need to get my “coffee+beer=happiness” equation resolved. This does not put much zip into my zap gun, that’s for sure.

Anyway. gotta run. I have an invite to the party the Bal-Sagoth guys are throwing over at their pad in the gamma quadrant! Cheers!


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