From May 22 through September 7, the Wildland Firefighter Foundation received 25 cents for every case of Coors Banquet sold in Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, up to $250,000. Since 1994, Wildland Firefighter Foundation (WFF) has provided assistance to the area’s firefighters and to the families of firefighters injured or killed while battling grass and forest fires throughout the region.

Coors Banquet sent us a care package consisting of a backpack, t-shirt, a Kleen Kanteen reusable bottle, plantable seed beer coasters (they have evergreen seeds embedded in them!), a plant in a Coors can and two bottles of Coors Banquet in stubby bottles. Now, the Beer Alien crew do not typically drink Coors anything, but this great cause is worth mentioning. Some of us currently live in areas that can be affected by wildfires so this is an issue of direct importance. Besides, we need forests to explore and hide our UFO in 😉


So humans, please take a look at the Wildland Firefighter Foundation and consider donating to this awesome cause.

The Beer Aliens want to thank all of the firefighters and their families for their efforts in protecting our homes, our wild spaces and of course, our breweries throughout the west.


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