Comet Rider: BottleCraft and Modern Times Collaboration Review
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Comet Rider

San Diego bottle shop and tasting room Bottlecraft teamed up with Modern Times to bring us a new addition in their sour releases. We aliens were scouring the shelves at their North Park location and came across this golden labeled gem. Comet Rider’s sour flavor profile holds its own on the brewery’s funky brett lineup bringing in a dry-hop addition of Citra and Mosaic hops. The two hop varietals are key in bringing full flavor with adding bitterness to the sour’s reputations.

Here is the clever story behind the brew from Modern Times themselves:

This is a crazy beer. Like, crazy good, but also like, crazy crazy. Here’s the deal: Comet Rider started off with a careful kettle souring, a lactobacillus fermentation technique that gives the beer tartness in a jiffy. Then we fermented it entirely with a blend of two different Brettanomyces strains, Brett Drei and Brett C. Most people associate Brett with funk, but a 100% ferment results in a mostly clean beer with intense notes of pineapple and orange sherbet. Then, we dry-hopped it with Citra and Mosaic hops, lending it an aroma of mango and honeydew melon. Like I said, crazy. So happy holidays, Bottlecraft! We hope you and all your homies dig this crazy beer.


Haze for days

                         Haze for days

Appearance: This beer pours a light straw blonde hue with medium head retention. Haziness is what is expected of this style coming the residual yeast.

Aroma: sour, funky, sour candy aromas hit you right away and sting the nostrils in an enticing invitation. Wet and damp grass notes follow throughout, once again coming from the yeast.

Flavor: Big carbonation with lime yeast flavor comes in followed by an earthy, herbal, mossy taste that dissipates the more you sip. Lemon-grass and pineapple come later which is most likely from the citra dry-hop addition. 

Mouthfeel: This beer really dries your mouth yet is refreshingly mouth puckering and has you coming back for more.

This citrus lemon mini-bomb of a sour will surely make a refreshing addition to your funky collection. If you’re looking for something light that packs a lot of punch with flavor, then you’ll definitely want to pick this up. Better yet, why wait to take it home? Grab one straight from the shelf, pop it open, and if you’re at the North Park location, – pick up some Venissimo cheese. Bottle opening (with a corkage fee) is one of the amazing services Bottlecraft offers. Comet Rider – the golden sour elixir that belongs in your collection.

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