Cholaca liquid cacao continues to wow breweries across the U.S.

Cholaca liquid cacao continues to wow breweries across the U.S.

Cholaca liquid cacao continues to wow breweries across the U.S.


Cholaca, pure, 100% cacao, began supplying its liquid cacao to craft brewers in Colorado in 2015, and then quickly expanded to supply dozens of breweries across the country. It’s now a key ingredient in chocolate beers made by over 85 breweries nationwide, and in just the first few months of 2017, they have been expanding their involvement with breweries by leaps and bounds. 

In March, they formed a partnership with Brewcraft USA and The Country Malt Group to distribute their pure liquid cacao nationally to breweries. Cholaca is their new featured special ingredient for brewers looking to make chocolate beer (visit  Breweries can now easily buy Cholaca in large volumes from their preferred distributor nationwide.

In April, Cholaca exhibited at the Craft Brewer’s Conference in Washington DC, as part of the Brewcraft USA booth. Cholaca was the hit of the show with over 250 new sample orders during the show alone.

Looking ahead to May, Cholaca will be celebrating American Craft Beer Week May 15-21 by giving away their pure liquid Cholaca: that week, those who post a photo on the Cholaca Facebook page of themselves drinking a craft chocolate beer with the hashtag #cholacacheers, will receive a free 32 oz bottle of Cholaca, while supplies last.

In Colorado, Cholaca will also be celebrating American Craft Beer Week with Left Hand Brewery, who is releasing a new chocolate stout, Festival Fanatic, brewed using Cholaca. Thursday, May 18th from 6-8:30pm, during this special tapping, Cholaca will be giving out free samples, hats, buttons, stickers, coupons and more at the Left Hand Brewery tap room at 1265 Boston Avenue in Longmont, Colo. Guests are invited to try this new chocolate beer, and take a picture of themselves doing so, so they can enter Cholaca’s online #cholacacheers photo contest. Guests will also have the opportunity to win a free pint of the Festival Fanatic if they use the hashtags #cholocacheers and #LongmontsLivingRoom in their postings.

“It’s not surprising we’re having so much success with the breweries,” said Cholaca CEO, Ira Leibtag.  “The brewers tell us they love the intense chocolate taste, the unparalleled quality, and the fact that as a liquid cacao, it can be added to any stage of the brewing process.  We created a proprietary method to emulsify cacao in water – something that no other company has been able to do until now.  Cholaca enables brewers to safely use chocolate without the worries of organisms like salmonella, E.coli and botulism commonly found in cacao nibs. Cholaca enables brewers to enhance their beer with a rich and smooth chocolate taste, by actually adding chocolate into the beer, rather than trying to extract chocolate flavor from cacao nibs or powders.” 

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