IMG_3909Greeted by a red carpet and the delicious smell of cheese, we invaded the Cheese of Europe preview event last night at the Fashion Valley Mall to see what was in store for the humans today and tomorrow! Aliens love human food especially when it comes to cheese paired with beer. We were also presented with gourmet snacks such as a delectable Mac n’ Cheese and brie dip. Not only did we get our hands on some amazing cheese but we got some delicious Green Flash beer to pair with it. We were lucky enough to try the Cellar 3 Plum, Le Freak, and the Rayon Vert! With tables full of cheese and delightful beer to sip on, it would have been easy to keep on eating.

During our little hunt to figure out which cheeses went well with the beer we met Jesse Smith, Tasting Room Manager and certified Cicerone at Green Flash Brewery. Jesse was able to share and describe the beers a little bit more in detail and help us aliens get a better sense into which cheeses would go well with these beers.

These are what we would recommend you get your hands on during the event:

The Beers:

  • Natura Morta with Plum – Belgian Styled Saison – This beer is aged in red wine barrels mixed with plum puree. With a slight pink hue this beer gives off an elegant vibe and continues to do so with its flavor. The Natura Morta has notes of tart plum, rosewater and almonds that give to a dry finish. ABV %5.5 | IBU 14
  • Le Freak – Belgian Style IPA – This was a refreshing hybrid of a beer. With aromas notes of orange and passion fruit this continues onto rich flavor of the beer. The flavor notes of zesty orange, citrus fruit pith all blend in well and do not overpower they help contribute to a good beer with a lasting firm finish. ABV % 9.2 | IBU 101
  • Rayon Vert – Belgian Style Pale Ale – a well-balanced beer with a slight sweetness/ tart to it. With a strong brett taste this a funky beer that is perfect to pair with the cheeses at this event. ABV % 7.8.

The Cheeses:

  • Mimolette: This cheese is from France. A dark orange with a firm bite to it. Paired well with the Cellar 3 Plum because of its sweet nuttiness. It is not overwhelming in flavor which allows the flavor of the Cellar 3 to clean your palette. Similar to a strong Parmesan.
  • Triple Cream Brie: An extra creamy and buttery cheese that melts in your mouth. With a very slight fruitiness, this cheese is not overwhelming but very smooth and pairs extremely well with Le Freak because of its strong fruit background that lingers on your palette.
  • Comte Le Montarlier: A unique cheese, more on the firmer side, but with a slight fudgy texture. Made with cow’s milk it is a mild cheese but with a noticeable fruitiness that lingers, perfect with Rayon Vert.

This was a great event and definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend. The food, the cheese, and most importantly the beers were all amazing. Be sure to check out Cheeses of Europe event happening at the Fashion Valley Mall today and tomorrow from 11am-6pm. You can find out more info about the event by clicking HERE! Be sure to let them know the aliens sent you! Cheers!


7007 Friars Road
San Diego, CA 92108
(In front of Macy’s)

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Be sure to follow us on Social Media as we invade more breweries and discover more awesome craft beers from all over the world! Cheers humans!

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