Cellador Ales is a 100% oak-barrel fermented mixed-culture brewery and blendery focused on the creation of sour and wild beers located in LA. They source their high quality local and organic ingredients with local fruit growers that allows them to pick ripe fruit straight from the tree and add it to barrels the same day with a farm-to-barrel- mentality.

I had the pleasure tonight of sampling a table sour aged in Chardonnay barrels with Matsumoto peaches and dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin hops. After doing some research on this beer and brewery I immediately regret not buying several of these and cellaring them for a year or two and seeing what develops and changes overtime with this wild funky ale.

This beer pours a hazy golden straw color with a small head that disappears quickly. The carbonation on the pour is crisp, while playfully waking up my taste buds while not being overly astringent. Nice tartness and sourness as well, with little or no lacing on the glass. Once poured the beer has several golden flecks of peaches rising to the surface and gracefully sinking to the bottom of the glass. This 375ml bottle has a very earthy, yeasty smell and taste which reminds of biting into fresh stonefruit right off the tree. As the bubbles subside and the fruit begins to settle into the bottom of the glass, there seems to be a more funky slightly barnyard smell similar to a Farmhouse style ale but a more pronounced sour backbone, with a very mellow slightly peppery finish.

As the beer warmed up and became more room temperature, the aroma became more pronounced and the stone fruit (peach) flavor changed abruptly and almost took on a moldy, rancid but still very drinkable and surprisingly warming with each sip, while the hop profile that was noticeable upon the first sip was almost non-existent. Very pleasing and well balanced sour table Beer..

In conclusion, this beer was very surprising and had lots of subtle nuisances and kept my palate very entertained, my only regret is not buying more of this, so I’ll will probably have to head up the freeway to LA to visit this brewery in person.

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