Cascade Brewing released its Blueberry 2016 project in both bottle and draft today. Cascade Blueberry 2016 is a blend of sour wheat and blond ales that were aged in white wine barrels for up to 12 months with more than 8,000 pounds of fresh blueberries from Oregon’s bountiful Willamette Valley.

After working directly with the grower to ensure the blueberries were picked at peak ripeness, the brewery hand-sorted the freshly picked fruit then added it to both tanks and barrels where it aged on the beer for several months until the fruit character reached its fullest expression. The fruited beer was then blended with a portion of non-fruited barrel-aged beer until the ideal balance of flavors was achieved.

“The 2016 growing season delivered fruit with elegant blueberry aromatics, providing clean fruit expression to this blend,” stated Kevin Martin, lead blender. “The project is complemented by the dry, cereal grain notes of the beer with hints of lemon, a soft oak presence and lively acidity.”

Cascade produced 1,190 cases of Blueberry 2016 bottles. It also produced 225 kegs available for order. For more information, visit

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