Carolina Brewery "Sky Blue Golden Ale" Review By Beer Alien
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Carolina Brewery in North Carolina sent the Beer Aliens some samples for review and since it was a little warm outside, we decided to open the “Sky Blue Golden Ale” first and analyze it. “Sky Blue Golden Ale” is a Kolsch style ale featuring Hallertauer hops.

We cracked open a can of “Sky Blue Golden Ale” and we sensed a subtle lemon aroma. Poured into a weizen glass, the beer is slightly cloudy with a decent head that leaves nice lacing as you drink it. The flavor profile is subtle and made up of grass and lemon. This is a very easy to drink beer. A Beer Alien could easily drink several of these in a row. “Sky Blue Golden Ale” is definitely a good example of style.

There is not much of a mouthfeel or aftertaste, however a little lemon zest does seem to linger after a few sips. Summer is coming and this beer is a good choice for those hot days outside. While not being a remarkably interesting beer, “Sky Blue Golden Ale” is refreshing and tasty.


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