Carolina Brewery “Flagship IPA” Review By Beer Alien
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Carolina Brewery in North Carolina sent the Beer Aliens some samples for review and we were excited to try their “Flagship IPA”. This is an English style IPA with a hop forward aroma and overall flavor. Since this is an East Coast brewery, the term “hop forward” may not be what you expect if you are used to West Coast IPA’s. Fear not hophead humans, there is plenty of floral notes in the aroma of this beer and the wonderful aroma of Cascade hops, which Carolina Brewery used in the dry hopping process of brewing this IPA.

Poured from the can into a Carolina Brewery pint glass (thank you Carolina Brewery), this beer pour a nice copper color and produces a small head. You immediately realize that “Flagship IPA” is a well balanced IPA with a complex flavor profile made up of citrus, pine, caramel and just a little biscuit. The malts and the Chinook and Cascade hops work well together to create a great English style IPA and we are very glad Carolina Brewery sent us more than one.

Overall, this IPA will please fans of the style and may even appeal to people who have only sampled West Coast IPAs and decided they didn’t like IPAs. For you 120 IBU (International Bittering Units) crazy humans on the West Coast, “Flagship IPA” weighs in at 66 IBU and should still please your palates.


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