The Bruery has been well known for great quality ales specializing in sour and barrel aged ales.  Recently, issues have come up where some of their most sought after beers have been a bit off.  Take for example White Chocolate.  While the 2012 version was sweet, creamy and balanced, the 2013 version was more on the tart side.  This is due to a drop in ph, likely caused from cross contamination from their sour ale production.  This has lead The Bruery to put out a press release on their blog explaining the problems and future solutions.  It appears The Bruery will have a second brewery for their “sour and funky” beers where all barrels and bottling equipment will stay there to help prevent any future cross contamination.  The Bruery has said they will give credit to anyone who is unsatisfied with these beers and has made a pledge to correct the issues.

From The Bruery Blog:

First, we are testing the microbiological stability of every single clean barrel before the beer is blended together in the brite beer tank. With over 3000 barrels, this is a huge undertaking for our Quality Control department, so now we have two full time employees in this department.

This should be a huge step and improving the quality of their barrel aged beers.  A further step will also be taken

We’ve recently invested in a barrel steamer. This helps seal the barrels, and kills just about anything on the inside surface of the barrel. While it won’t kill microorganisms that can harbor themselves deep inside the wood, it is a great first line defense.

There are many more ideas posted on the blog that is really encouraging.  When I heard about the bad batch of White Chocolate, I was really disappointed.  The Bruery has been one of the best craft breweries in recent memory but the steps they are taking in quality control should mean that problems like this are much less frequent.


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