Brown Shugga by Lagunitas Brewing Company

BrownShugga scaled | Devils River Whiskey

Brown Shugga’ by Lagunitas Brewing Company
ABV 10%

BrownShugga | Devils River WhiskeyThis beer is the next beer up in the continuing line of Lagunitas’s “Heavy Hitter Series”. While this version is slightly different than the recipe I remember years back, it still doesn’t disappoint.

Brown Shugga’ pours a darker amber color with a large thick white head on top. Has a super sweet hoppy smell, but slightly floral with a backing of subtle grapefruit as well to it. This has a very overpowering sweet taste definitely get the sugar taste.

The first taste is rich and syrupy, tastes of citrus – a mix of sweets and tarts. There is a very mellow taste of strong alcohol which gradually becomes more pronounced as the beer gets closer to room temperature.  Upon further tasting and enjoying this beer the flavor profile changes and molasses, caramelized brown sugar, and toffee begin to make an appearance with some grapefruit, overripe pineapple, and musky mango.  The sip finishes with some off-dry dankness with lingering pine and grapefruit zest.

Lagunitas has made many solid reasonably priced beverages, and this is on the top of my list.  The beer itself is a slow winter sipper, delicious in every stage, continuously flirts with being too sweet and yet somehow doesn’t cross that line. Up front Brown Shugga’ has the characteristics of an American-style barley wine with the aggressive hop character, yet the malt comes in and hits you even harder leaving the boozy finish.