LA’s Brouwerij West Set to Become Most Environmentally-Friendly Small Craft Brewery: Solar Powered and Water-Saving Brewhouse in Adaptively Reused WW-II Era Structure

Brouwerij (pronounced “brewery”) West, the almost 5 year-old craft brewery, known for its acclaimed Belgian-inspired ales such as its Tripel (a classic strong golden ale) and Dog Ate My Homework (a dry blackberry saison) has signed an agreement to bring the energy-efficient Meura-based mash filter brewhouse and solar roof panels to its new home, an adaptively reused warehouse in San Pedro, California. The combination of this brewhouse and roof at a reclaimed site stands to make Brouwerij West the greenest small craft brewery in the market.

Brouwerij West’s brewing system, built by Aegir Design Systems of Wisconsin, is based around the Meura 2001 Micro mash filter, developed in Belgium by Meura S.A. First created over 100 years ago specifically for Belgian-style beers and still used to produce 90% of Belgian beers by volume today, the Meura 2001 mash acts much like a French coffee press. By bearing down on the grains and into the water, the mash filter extracts more flavor and allows for an easier separation of the wort. By implementing this century-old method, which has only recently become available at the small brewery scale, Brouwerij West’s CEO and Brewmaster Brian Mercer expects that the brewery can produce higher quality beer and save time, money and materials.  “The normal process uses a false bottom to hold the grain while the sweet liquid drains off. This process is inefficient, time-consuming and wasteful of water. The Meura mash filter system allows us to have more control of our brewing process, and in addition saves us time, grains, and water – about 30% less than traditional brewhouses, which is great given the drought we’re facing here in California.”

In addition to being water conscious, the brewery will be 100% solar powered. The WWII-era Navy warehouse Brouwerij West will call home is one of two at the Crafted at The Port of Los Angeles’ adaptive reuse development site. Crafted has entered into an agreement to cover almost all 120,000+ square feet of the buildings’ roofs in solar panels. Doing so is expected to generate one megawatt of electricity, which is enough to power 200 homes and far beyond the capacity required by the property.

Brouwerij West’s new brewery location is being designed by Los Angeles-based architecture firm Oonagh Ryan & Associates and is slated to open in early summer 2015. When the project is complete, Brouwerij West will have a tasting room, full-production brewery and distribution center, café, private event space and retail shop all under its roof.

About Brouwerij West:

Founded in 2010 by former photographer and talented brewer Brian Mercer, Brouwerij West has distinguished itself from its competitors by using traditional ingredients to create classic Belgian-style ales, while avoiding traditional beer marketing, instead allowing artists to use the bottle’s labels as a canvas to create unique works of art.  Inspired by his travel and culinary experiences around the globe, Mercer wanted to be true to the great brewers and chefs of the world, those who use only a few components to produce the most complex yet approachable beer and food possible. Brouwerij West uses predominantly base malts, noble hops, sugar and yeast in all their beers. For more information about Brouwerij West and where it’s already available for purchase, please visit the website at You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram @brouwerijwest or on Facebook. They can be reached by phone at (310) 378 – 2300.

About San Pedro Waterfront and the Port of Los Angeles:

The Los Angeles Waterfront district is currently going through a major revitalization effort lead by the Port of Los Angeles and developers.  Part of this plan includes the complex which Brouwerij West will be a part of, CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles, whose first phase is a large-scale permanent craft marketplace home to hundreds of individual craft-artists, designers, and artisanal food makers that is currently open Friday-Sunday (learn more at  The Ports O’ Call Village will also be undergoing a huge update with new attractions, hotels and dining venues, and there are numerous other developments in the works.  For more information, visit

An ethnically diverse neighborhood on the water, San Pedro is home to over 80,000 residents, including the largest community of Italian-American residents in Southern California, as well as rich and storied Croatian and Norwegian communities.

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