IMG_6580Bridgeport Sutmptown Candy Peel IPA

ABV 6.5% 

IBU 65

For those of you unfamiliar with Bridgeport Brewing, they are Oregon’s very first craft brewery! Founded and based in Portland, OR, they started brewing in 1984 under the name Colombia River Brewery. Their first beer, it turns out, was named Bridgeport Ale, which is how they later got their name. Different and tasty, Bridgeport Ale was Portland’s very first microbrew. They pride themselves in using the best ingredients. Their water comes from the Mt. Hood watershed, where they claim the water is almost “too good for brewing”, and their malts are more than local, almost neighborly, coming from just 8 miles down the road.

Their beers are known for their balance and drinkability, and they don’t follow trends. From their Black Pale Ale to their delicious Candy Peel IPA, their beers are unusual, tasty, and deeply satisfying. We love their slogan, “LONG LIVE BEERVANA”!

Their Candy Peel IPA, just released in 2015, was the first in their Stumptown line. Their other Stumptown brew is their Stumptown Tart with Marionberries. We really like how they take this IPA up a notch with the addition of juicy, flavorful oranges. The malty backbone in this brew holds up well to the strong hop profile making for a balanced, drinkable and refreshing IPA.

Aroma: We love the slight sweetness this beer has from the malts. Hints of honey and biscuits combine with the mandarin orange citrus notes to produce an almost candy-like aroma. The delicate piney hop profile remind you it’s still an IPA.

Appearance: A brilliant orange-yellow color with a cream colored head that mimics the look of a fresh, juicy orange with an off-white orange rind. Pours with a one-inch head which lingers well after the first couple of sips and releases the wonderful candy-like aroma. 

Taste: This hop forward brew is balanced out with a touch of sweeteness from the Vienna malt. The Styrian Golding hops, added at the end of the boil help to bring out the zesty candy-like orange flavors, and give this IPA some character. 

Mouthfeel: Light to medium body with medium carbonation, there’s nothing particularly unique about its consistency or body. It’s what you’d expect out of a solid IPA, and it’s very drinkable. 

Overall: We’re happy we ran into this Candy Peel IPA. It’s not too strong, too bold, too bitter, or too sweet. It’s something right in the middle. If you’re new to IPA’s or just love a hoppy beer that is balanced and easy to drink, then we definitely recommend getting your hands on this brew. However, if you looking for something to challenge your palette, something bold and untamed, then you may want to skip this one altogether. 

BridgePortBrewing_Logo_BlackFor more information on Bridgeport Brewing in Portland, Oregon, make sure to visit their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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