Brooklyn Brewery brewmaster Garrett Oliver, one of the greatest minds in brewing, is launching his first online class with SkillShare today, Creativity and Beer: A Brewmaster’s Guide to Flavor Emulation.

Watch his first lesson HERE


Garrett’s innovative approach recently earned him the coveted 2014 James Beard Foundation Award for Excellence. With his first online class at Skillshare, Garrett is giving brewers and beer lovers around the globe an inside look at his creative process.

Through the 40-minute class, Garrett crafts his own emulation recipe based on Mexican mole sauce. He journeys to restaurant La Palapa in NYC to discover its ingredients from head chef Barbara Sibley. Then, he heads to the kitchen to work his magic. Along the way, Garrett teaches lessons on finding inspiration, selecting a base beer, researching foods, hunting down ingredients, and determining when those ingredients should be added to the brew.

Garrett joins hundreds of creators, makers and innovators teaching real-world skills at Skillshare.



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