Well, I have been a big fan of The Bruery since I first started seeing their beers in 2008.  It just so happened that this year, my girlfriend wanted to go see the death metal band Carcass in Los Angles so we decided it would be a great idea to visit The Bruery on the way, as it’s in Anaheim.  When we pulled in, we saw the large grain silo stretching about 20 feet tall.  We parked and walked through the doors.  Immediately, I felt it was a lot smaller than I expected.  I guess I am used to the great quality of The Bruery beers and expected a large tasting room.  The room had glass windows so you can see some of the fermenters in the brewing area.   In the tasting room there were lots of tables and they were packed.  Most people were playing card and puzzle games that The Bruery lets everyone use.  To me this was kind of odd, as I have never walked into a brewery in San Diego and noticed most people engaged in games like scrabble.  There is also a big TV showing random shots taken from video cameras throughout the brewery.  There is an easy to read board on the wall listing all the beers they have on tap.  They also have easy sheets of paper for you to fill out your custom flights.  You hand them to the bartender and they will fill them out for you.  Upon collecting the flights, when you pay you can give them your credit/debit card, they will swipeit, and open a tab for you, without needing to keep your card.  I found this handy, as I’ve been known to leave my card overnight at bars.

We selected a variety of beers ranging from their strong Belgian/English Old Ale Bois (15%) to their delicious but sessionable  Berliner Weisse Hottenroth (3.1%).  This brewery almost has it all.  I would not recommend this brewery to people who only favor the hoppy variety of beers.  The Bruery has made an oath not to produce IPA beers so if that’s your bag, stay away.  I like a good IPA but I am more interested in the malty variety of beers.  Fortunately for me, there are breweries like The Bruery around to deliver world class malty beers.

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