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Brew Beer, Drink Beer, Fight ALS

Brew Beer, Drink Beer, Fight ALS


We would like to invite you to join the fight against ALS and brew for a cause – without dumping a bucket of water on your head! Formulated specifically around new hop HBC-438, the Luckiest Man from Northern Brewer, coined from Lou Gehrig’s famous speech, turns ale brewed with a groundbreaking experimental hop varietal into groundbreaking research to find a cure for ALS. You can craft a batch of hope with this brilliant golden ale. Its clean malt base sets the stage for novel hop flavors of citrus, stone fruit and herbals. 


$10.50 from each kit goes to benefit research to help find a permanent cure for Lou Gehrig’s disease (no ice buckets required). Just a fair warning – the Luckiest Man is only available until sold out and it may be the most cheer-worthy brew Northern Brewer has ever released.

Check out Northern Brewer’s full line of recipes and kits for additional homebrewing ideas.


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