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Blended in with the historical Mexican/American culture landscape that is Barrio Logan, is where you’ll find Border X Brewing and their delicious Blood Saison. This hidden gem is just south of the Coronado Bridge and Chicano Park and specializes in Mexican culture themed beers. From their Grand Jefe (Hefeweizen), Abuelita Chocolate stout (which uses real “Abuelita” brand chocolate), and their Horchata Golden Stout there will something fresh for the newcomer and nostalgic for the locals when walking into their tasting room. The one that truly takes the cake is their Blood Saison made with Hibiscus and Agave.

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This isn’t your traditional Saison – and that’s a good thing. The hibiscus flower is used to make a traditional Mexican juice/tea beverage which itself is juicy, tart, and can be somewhat dry which makes it a perfect recipe for a Saison.

Aroma: Upon first sniff the floral aroma is present all throughout paired with a faint maple-like sweetness derived from the agave.

Taste: On first sip you have a fruit juice, tart, subtle sour experience filled with notes of tea, hibiscus flowers, sweetness (from the agave), and a slight dry note on the finish.

Mouthfeel: The fruity/tea flavor that is the hibiscus shines through in this drink while the tart/sourness does dissipate the more you continue to drink it.

Be warned – after having a few of these (which Saison/sour lovers will) you may find yourself feeling “happy” pretty fast as this gentle giant of a beer comes in at anywhere from 7-7.5% ABV.


This is an amazing brew that is a perfect reflection of the brewery that makes it. Border X Brewing has made it their mission to become deeply involved in the Barrio Logan community by consistently hosting local art shows and fundraisers. They pride themselves on making hand crafted Mexican culture themed beers and it shows in their brewing. So go explore the San Diego neighborhood of Barrio Logan, take a stroll through Chicano Park, and grab yourself a ruby red pint of Blood Saison.! Salud!

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