blackberry_farm_tennessee_cream_aleBlackberry Farm Brewery’s native family of ales features a wide range of styles and flavors that share one extraordinary, common component: native wild yeasts harvested from across Blackberry Farm’s 4,200 protected acres at the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains. These yeast strains have been carefully gathered and maintained for Blackberry Farm Brewery by South Yeast Labs and reflect the local micro-flora unique to Blackberry Farm’s location in the mountains of East Tennessee.

“We are excited to share these beers that begin to tell the story of place and terroir,” said Chief Fermentation Officer Roy Milner. “Native yeasts, inspiration from ingredients and experiences of living in the Foothills give these bottlings a special place in our portfolio. Blackberry Rye shows off a fruit we use often, a grain frequently found in whiskey and yeast harvested from honeysuckle that borders our orchards. Tennessee Cream Ale is a complex and delicate journey through corn and how the soft, sweet flavors add nuance to our style of brewing.”

blackberry_farm_blackberry_ryeBlackberry Rye was brewed with select heritage barley and rye malts and fermented with a wild strain of native yeast harvested from honeysuckle blossoms found at Blackberry Farm. A secondary fermentation with blackberries and additional aging in Tennessee whiskey barrels lends accents of dark fruit and oak to this medium-bodied ale’s malty profile.

Tennessee Cream Ale is light golden in color, brewed flaked with corn and heirloom grits, and fermented with a wild strain of native yeast from our Farm for a delicately malty body with a hint of corn sweetness and a crisp, refreshing finish.

In addition to Blackberry Rye and Tennessee Cream Ale, the Blackberry Farm Brewery will release two other beers in this category including Buckwheat Strawberry (August) and Roasted Cherry Stout (October). For more information on the Blackberry Farm Brewery, please visit

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