With Oktoberfest season in full bloom, avid beer drinkers and festival fanatics travel near and far with family and friends to celebrate German traditions all over the world. Travelers are welcomed to Brazil to grab a “chopp” or “mug” full of Brazilian “chope” or “beer” and experience a unique collaboration of cultural exchanges that is Oktoberfest in Blumenau.


During Oktoberfest in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil, October 8-26, 2014, the city embraces its roots at Parque Vila Germânica and transforms the city not only into the biggest German festival in South America, but aswell as one of the largest Oktoberfest celebration following the original festival in Munich. Originally founded in 1850 by German pharmacist HermannBruno Otto von Blumenau, the city of Blumenau preserves the culture of its settlers through its Tudor architecture, cuisine and traditions.


Oktoberfest in Blumenau was first celebrated after a massive flood hit in 1983 and locals wanted to revive the city and its locals’ spirits by throwing an enormous festival themed to its ancestors’ roots. This year, Blumenau is celebrating its 30th Oktoberfest with an estimated 600,000 people in attendance and over 590,000 liters expected to be beer consumed. Entrance is free on the first and last day of the festival, and R$6,00 and R$20,00 daily, but in the spirit of Oktoberfest, free entrance is guaranteed to participants who show up in the typical Bavarian outfits, lederhosens and dirndls.

Check out some pictures of the crazy humans down in Brazil at last year’s event HERE


Festivities of Oktoberfest commence with a parade full of German folkloristic dance, music and floats in the streets of Blumenau. Through out the festival there are beer chugging contests and exchanging of cultural traditions amongst locals and travelers. Brews served at the festival are prominently nationally known Brahma and local beers, including Eisenbahn, Bierland, Wunder Bier, Das Bier and Gaspar. Typical German dishes, such as Kassler, Eisbein and Marreco Rehceado, are also served to compliment the beers and enhance the Oktoberfest experience.


Travelers also have several of attractions to e discover while exploring Blumenau. Vila Itoupava, a district located 15 miles from the center of the town, has a great selection of shops for clothes and textiles, which the city is known for, as well as restaurants that serve a wide selection of food and beverages like handmade sausages, stuffed duck, wine, brand, liquor andbeer. The Parca Hercilio Luz (Park Hercilio Luz) is better known as a Biergarten and houses the Musue da Cerveja (Beer Museum), where people can sample beers and taste typical German dishes. The street Rua 15 de Novembroholds the Wurtstrasse or Sausage Street where the city’s civic buildings and cultural center is located.



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