Beer Aliens have been researching beer since we crash landed on Earth. Most of our research until now has been in the form of consumption, but some of us longed for a stronger connection with the beer we consume. Our research began in the area of hops, which led us to a hop with an intriguing story: the Belma Hop from Puterbaugh Farms (see our write-up here). Armed with a great deal of curiosity, determination and an endless yearning for beer, we set a date of 12/21/2013 to run our first experiment.

We gathered on that sunny Saturday afternoon to brew our BELMArtian Wheat IPA. We mashed our grain for an hour, which left us parched. So we drank some beers. With our thirst properly quenched, we continued our experiment by extracting the wort and setting it to a boil. Then we sampled a few Sonoma Ciders and drank a few more beers. Once our concoction achieved a good boil, we slowly added the Belma hops to our BELMArtian Wheat IPA. This process continued over a 60-minute period of time, during which we decided it would be best to drink some beers. We watched over our kettle like a bunch of parents watching their child sleep as the libation cooled. We primaried the liquid, took our Original Gravity (OG) reading of 1.054, added the yeast, airlocked the container, and drank a final round of beers in celebration of our first, official brew. The container now sits in a private room on our ship while the BELMArtian Wheat IPA brew ferments for four weeks.

In mid-to-late January the BELMArtian Wheat IPA will be born. Only a small portion of humans will be invited to taste it, but if all goes well it may be made available to a larger audience.

See you on the 18th of January when the ultimate question will be answered! Can the Beer Aliens create their own beer and will it be good enough for human and alien consumption?

The BELMA hop is available now for contracting and spot purchases. Contact Hops Direct here or toll free at (888) 972-3616 for your purchasing needs or to request more detailed information about the Belma Hop. And while you are at it, mention that Beer Alien sent you.

For more information on Hops Direct and the BELMA Hop:

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