The new Spiegelau & Bell’s Brewery American Wheat-Witbier Glass was developed over a series of design workshops and tasting panels led by Riedel Owner Georg Riedel and Spiegelau Vice President Matthew Rutkowski. Bell’s Brewery Vice President Laura Bell, Director of Operations John Mallet and additional brewery experts, tested a selection of Bell’s wheat beers against 50 glasses pulled from Spiegelau’s glassware archive. The selection was then narrowed down to 12 and finally to one. The ultimate challenge of the tasting was to find a glass shape that had the most profound effect on the aromas and flavor profiles of both American and Belgian style wheat beers.

Editor’s Note: Despite our access to advanced technology, we are always impressed when you humans create something with the sole purpose of making something you like even better. We are looking forward to experimenting with this new glass. 

If  you are a human of the persuasion that the glass does not affect the flavor of beer, we encourage you to try some various glasses with your favorite crafts beers. While the differences are not always drastic, we assure you, the right beer in the wrong glass is not as tasty as the right beer in the right glass.

Laura Bell of Bell’s Brewery says, “The chance to work with Spiegelau was an exciting opportunity for the brewery. John Mallet and I met with Georg and Matt in Portland to taste wheat beers from a variety of different glasses, discussing pros and cons of each. To be involved in a project that enhances our three core wheat beers – Oberon, Winter White and Oarsman – was a tremendous experience. This glass will allow craft beer enthusiasts to enjoy well crafted, very drinkable, but also complex beers on another level.”


Matthew Rutkowski shares, “As with previous workshops, we challenged conventional thinking and presumption of what a wheat beer glass should look like. Unlike a traditional German Hefe glass, which was quickly eliminated from the workshop as its shape was inferior in aroma retention, the new glass works to bring faint aromas into sharp focus.”


Ultimately, Spiegelau and Bell’s Brewery unanimously agreed that the “Prototype 4” glass offered the best wheat beer drinking experience, delivering the optimal taste, aroma and mouth feel to enhance American and Belgian wheat beers.


  • Large, voluminous bowl harnesses and retains the delicate aromas of wheat beer
  • Mouth opening delivers beer evenly across the palate to enhance mouth feel and harmony of sweetness and acidity
  • Laser cut lip ensures crisp, clean delivery in every sip
  • Open bottom glass base drives beer and aromatic foam upward into main bowl after every sip
  • Ultra-pure quartz material makes for unsurpassed clarity and flawless, true color presentation
  • Stark, angular shape and open base creates dramatic visual cascading effect into glass as beer is poured


The Spiegelau & Bell’s Brewery American Wheat-Witbier Glass is available for purchase through and retailers nationwide. Branded versions with the Bell’s Brewery logo are available at

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