Belching Beaver is a craft beer mecca of San Diego. With it’s headquarters located in the beautiful city of Vista in North County San Diego, Belching Beaver is notoriously known for their amazingly flavorful beers. After opening their brewery and tasting room in Vista back in 2012, Belching Beaver has now grown to 3 locations, with the second and third location opening in Ocean Beach, CA and Oceanside, CA.

¡Viva La Beaver! is an incredibly savory Mexican Chocolate Milk Stout. This stout has an ABV of 7.5% and an IBU rating of 28. It is available in a 22oz bottle and can be purchased at bottle shops, liquor stores, and at one of Belching Beaver’s three locations.


Appearance: This Mexican style Milk Stout pours a beautiful and rich dark chocolate color. When held up to a light, there tends to be a faint amber color. It also poured a thick mocha-colored head. 

Belching Beaver’s ¡Viva La Beaver!

Aroma: WOW. The aroma of this stout received 5 stars without a question. When we smelled this stout, we immediately inhaled mouthwatering fumes of peanut butter. It was even slightly difficult to determine the other scents since the peanut butter smell was so powerful. We also smelled notes of cinnamon and spices like nutmeg. 

Taste: The taste of this beer also easily received 5 stars due to its powerful peanut buttery kick (very similar to the aroma). Imagine the taste of a Mexican hot chocolate combined with peanuts… now mix with a creamy stout and voila! That would be similar to the taste of this beer. After the peanut butter taste subdues, we tasted some earthy spices like cinnamon and clove. We also tasted the chocolate note upon first sip, and also as an aftertaste.

Mouthfeel: We also rated the mouthfeel of this beer with 5 stars. This stout has a very rich and heavy mouthfeel. It is also very “chewy” and extremely creamy – almost as if you’re drinking cream… a delectable, rich, mouthwatering Mexican style Milk Stout cream 😉


In conclusion, this beer is not far from perfect, as we gave it a rating of 4.8/5 stars. Don’t forget to grab a bottle (or two… or three) next time you stumble across this beautiful beer. Cheers, earthlings!

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