Belching Beaver Hot Liquor Stank review
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Belching Beaver Brewery is located in Vista, CA and they produce a wide variety of styles of craft beer. Hot Liquor Stank is a malt liquor weighing in at 9.0 ABV.

Hot Liquor Stank is a clear golden color with good white head and looks very inviting in the glass. A citrus, buttery aroma tickles your nose while hinting that there is a bit of alcohol flavor coming. One thing that is immediately apparent from the aroma is that this is not your normal malt liquor. While this may count against a beer in a style rating, we Beer Aliens tend to focus more on how enjoyable a beer is.

Taking the first sip,  you notice sweet, honey, citrus and stone fruit flavors all blended together into a smooth cocktail of taste. The alcohol heat is mild and does not interfere with the flavor compounds. On subsequent tastes, an additional layer of spice and butter are added to the flavor mix.

Overall, this is an enjoyable craft beer but not necessary a good example of its style. This does not detract from the beer and we would recommend Hot Liquor Stank for anyone looking for something a little different. Belching Beaver Brewery have definitely created a craft beer that needs to be on your list.



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