Behind the Bar: Justin Stubbs of Stone Brewing and Bottlecraft Liberty Station

Behind the Bar: Justin Stubbs of Stone Brewing and Bottlecraft Liberty Station

Behind the Bar: Justin Stubbs of Stone Brewing and Bottlecraft Liberty Station


We continue forward with our mission to introduce the many wonderful beer loving humans serving up suds on the daily. Today, we introduce Justin Stubbs. 

Stubbs has been working in the service industry for a whopping 12 years, and in the beer industry for 6. Stubbs brought that knowledge down to the San Diego area when he moved here a little over 7 months ago from the Bay Area. He began his SD beer career as a sales rep with California Craft Distributors. A distribution company that works with well established breweries such as Monkish Brewing, Paradox Beer Company, El Segundo Brewing and more! Working in sales allowed Stubbs to tour around the San Diego area and meet some of the awesome human beings that work in the industry. Through these connections Stubbs was able to land some pretty sweet bartending gigs, planting his lovable personality in the booming beer mecha that is Liberty Station.

Stubbs works at both Stone World Bistro and Gardens and Bottlecraft Liberty Station, choosing to leave his sales rep job to focus on honing his skills behind the bar. Much of this decision comes from Stubbs wanting to learn as much as he can about the operations that go into running a craft beer bar, which is the ultimate dream for Stubbs. He mentions Manhattan Bar in Chula Vista as a big source of inspiration, taking a classic dive bar and slowly integrating craft beer while still holding true to the original identity. 

Stubbs credits his love for the craft with the people involved in the industry. The friendships developed over a pint of beer, the willingness to educate one another and the ability to spread crafty knowledge with the public. His advice for those trying to enter the craft beer world; have the passion, the charisma and the knowledge. With these three things, you will go far! 

If you would like to bug Stubbs while he works the bar you can catch him at Stone Liberty Station weeknights and on the weekends or at Bottlecraft Liberty Station Monday – Thursday during the day! He’s kind of a workaholic…

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  1. I love the going to Liberty Station for one reason. That would be to visit my favorite place “botthecraft”. Never ft so at home,relaxed, and the people that work there are amazing,polite, courteous to all of there customers. Everytime I go there which is once to twice a week to check out there new flavs. I also love chatting with the guys about the beer,the flavors. The process for the many different lovely beers are majorly affordable. I also like going there to because I get hands on info about where certain beers are for the taste about the bourbon beer, what make it hoppy or bitter. I’m trying to work my way up to learn more so I can work with these amazing guys one day. Cheers guys keep up the amazing work. Happy New Years 2018.

    1. Hi @disqus_Ak5oNtKBRT:disqus, thank you for sharing. Sound like you are very passionate about Craft Beer and BottleCraft in general. We are huge fans of the business and their practices. You might see an Alien in one of the BottleCraft locations on any given day.

      Thank you for the kind words and Happy New Years to you as well.


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