Behind the Bar: Charlie Quirmbach; Bar Manager for Pizza Port Solana Beach

Behind the Bar: Charlie Quirmbach; Bar Manager for Pizza Port Solana Beach

Behind the Bar: Charlie Quirmbach; Bar Manager for Pizza Port Solana Beach


Let us continue our quest to shed light on some of the awesome humans working in the craft beer industry. Today we shine a light on everyone’s favorite ginger, Charlie Quirmbach, bar manager extrodinair and key member of the Pizza Port family since 2013.

Charlie first joined the Pizza Port family when he attended a job fair at the Bressi Ranch location. Admitting to being a bit arrogant when first interviewed, Charlie was quickly knocked off of his pedastal when he realized he knew very little about craft beer. He describes this encounter as humbling, promising the interviewers that if they brought him back for a second meeting he would not disappoint. His groveling paid off as he was brought back in for a second interview and jumped right into bartending at the Bressi Ranch location for three years. 

Now, four years into the job, Charlie is running the scene at Pizza Port’s OG location in Solana Beach. He credits his love for the job to all the awesome humans he gets to work with day in and day out, and of course all the delicious beer he gets to drink.

Inquiring about the other facets of Charlie’s life we came to find that he is also a successful businessman, co-owning a drop in child care center with his ex-wife. Charlie takes a more behind the scenes role, taking care of the marketing and accounting while his business partner takes on most of the grunt work chasing small humans around. When we asked Charlie if he wanted to continue down the road of craft beermanship, he replied in his typical whimsy way by saying he will go down any path that tickles his fancy.

Pizza Port Solana Beach has been in business since 1987 as a small pizza joint, and began churning out delicious craft beer beginning in 1992. Now with 6 locations (including a small bottle shop), Pizza Port has released time and time again award-winning brews while also setting up brewers with amazing jobs in the industry.  Included is the famed and fortuned  Port Brewing/Lost Abbey venture started by former head brewer Tomme Arthur, which has had amazing success since their genesis. 

Pizza Port Solana Beach will be celebrating their 30th anniversary from March 25th thru the 26th!

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