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BeerBoard Launches BeerBoard 1000 – Nov. 2016

BeerBoard Launches BeerBoard 1000 – Nov. 2016


BeerBoard today launched the BeerBoard 1000, a monthly index of the top 1000 beers poured across the country, based on actual pour volume.

In this report, BeerBoard provides a snapshot of the previous month (November 2016), what’s trending and other interesting facts on beer poured. All rankings included are the brand’s position on the list of Top 1000 beers poured by BeerBoard clients.

BeerBoard monitors over 50,000 draft lines on a constant basis. This generates incredible amounts of data and gives great insight to the style and brand trends within the beer industry,” said Mark Young, Founder and CEO of BeerBoard. “Based on our ability to monitor and capture ACTUAL pour volumes through patented technology, the BeerBoard 1000 will provide the industry information on what’s trending on a monthly basis and assist operators with ordering, inventory and merchandising.

The BeerBoard 1000 is part of a regular series of reports generated by BeerBoard. Next week will see the launch of the BeerBoard Region Report.

BeerBoard 1000 (November 2016) – PDF

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