Beer Aliens, Karla Makholm and Kristina Martinez, are teaming up with San Diego Channel 6 News again for a special holiday baking with beer segment! Tune in on Friday December 18th, 2015 at 7:45 am on San Diego News Channel 6 as we teach the anchors and viewers how to make Killer Tiramisu! We will be using Ironfire Brewing Company’s 6 Killer Stout brewed with Hazelnut Coffee to make sumptuous holiday-inspired hazelnut stout tiramisu. And to top things off, we’re using both beer and orange liqueur in the reduction!

IMG_6090Ironfire’s Killer Stout uses 6 types of malts, 6 types of hops, and has 6 hop additions. There are 6 total ingredients, and 6 pounds of coffee added per barrel, and rings in at 6% ABV. Are you noticing a trend? Hence the 6 Killer Stout. The Beer Aliens love Ironfire’s creativity in both naming and label artistry, which is how we got our aliens hands on this brew in the first place. We were hooked on the robust hazelnut coffee flavors in this beer and just knew this would make a perfect pairing for the right dessert. Now its finally here… the Killer Tiramisu.

Special thank you to Ironfire Brewing Company in Temecula, CA for getting us some bottles ahead of time to play with! And by play, we mean bake. Same thing, really.

You can learn more about Ironfire Brewing Company as well as where to find their beer by visiting their website: or following their social media: FacebookTwitter, & Instagram.

You can learn more about San Diego News Channel 6 on their website: or by following them on their social media:  Twitter & Instagram. Special thank you to Lindsay Hood from San Diego News Channel 6 for helping us get this organized.

Be sure to tune in next Friday morning to learn how to make holiday-inspired, alcohol-infused tiramisu and how to get your hands on the recipe!

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.:: UPDATE – 12/18::.

Get the Killer Tiramisu recipe below:

Killer Tiramisu!




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