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Beer Wars coming to San Diego

Beer Wars coming to San Diego


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San Diego’s independent beer wars started in earnest Memorial Day weekend, as local breweries and their supporters lit up social media and literally took to the skies to voice displeasure about the opening of a big-beer-owned brewpub on #sdbeer turf.

San Diego Brewers Guild will issue window decals to its brewery members and allies to indicate to beer drinkers which businesses serve independent, locally produced beers.

The San Diego Brewers Guild has unveiled what it calls a Conscious Consumer Campaign. It will begin distributing Brewers Guild window decals, flags, and tap danglers to its members to make it clear to beer drinkers when they are drinking locally owned, locally produced beer.

Speaking on the need for such distinctions, Brewers Guild president Jill Davidson said, “With the growing number of mergers and acquisitions, it is becoming more challenging than ever to differentiate between independently owned craft brands and those that are owned by international megaconglomerates. The consumer deserves to have the information necessary to make the conscious choice of who they support with their hard-earned dollars,” in order to “make the informed decision of where the dollars are going to ultimately end up.”

Amid a tide of anti-10 Barrel chatter fomenting in beercentric Facebook groups, a GoFundMe campaignraised nearly $5000 in donations from San Diego brewery founders, employees, and fans to hire an airplane to troll the 10 Barrel opening with an airplane banner reading, “10 Barrel is not craft beer!” and listing the web address: Fakecraftbeer.com.

That URL currently redirects to the locally produced web series, What’s on Draft, and its video explaining local opposition to corporate-owned craft beer brands, and documenting a collaboration between downtown breweries Monkey Paw, Half Door, and Resident Brewing to produce a beer called 11 Barrel IPA, protesting 10 Barrel’s arrival.


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Gaaron Varner I am a member of QUAFF (San Diego Homebrew Club) and I love the San Diego Beer Scene and am fascinated with its growth and caliber of beers San Diego has created over the years. I can't wait to see what the future holds for America's Finest City!!! Brew On!!!