Pours with with a small, insubstantial head and leaves little to no lacing. Color is a clear golden color with just a hint of haze. The beer aroma is dominated by hops with notes of pine.

As expected with an IPA, flavor is dominated by hops. In fact, the flavor is almost all hops and better for it. The hops are aggressively bitter with heavier pine notes than were found in the nose. While hops and bitterness are strong, there is a distinct crispness or freshness to the beer’s character. Towards the edges of the flavor there are hints of a kind of fruited sourness. This crisp/bitter/sour combination make for a supremely quenching beer.

The beer is clearly marketed and brewed to espouse a beachy, summer time mood and by my accounts succeeds quite well at that. While anyone who dislikes hops will probably want to stay clear of this beer, I recommend it to anyone else looking for a refreshing beer to have anytime.

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