The head was on the darker side of tan, a mocha rich color that was medium in size with a liberal pour. Lacing for a stout was on the lighter side, not a thick blanket that you see from other Dry Stouts. The beer itself was very dark and opaque.

The aroma from the initial pour was a malty, roasted smell. The smell was simple and dark in of itself, more a whiff of roast than anything.

Initial tasting was slightly bitter, a hoppyness that was forward in the dry stout. First sips were surrounded with a slightly carbonated development into a coffee mood that was easy to drink. As the stout rested, the body was creamy on the tongue with a roasted taste that wasn’t overpowering or intense and not too full.

As the glass continued, the cocoa flavor was also present, while the feeling on the tongue after each sip was a bitter finish leaving earthy tones on the back of the tongue.

The dry stout was poured from the growler into a Societe pint glass.

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