Working from the top down, the head was small and light, reminiscent of a stout. The main body was a light golden color that was surprisingly transparent and almost pilsner-like. A clean and clear color with a light tint, making it just short of a perfectly clear yellow.

The aroma from this beer is its shining feature. A wonderful fruity blend of peach and apricot with a light smell of oak hiding underneath.

Mouthfeel was soda or champagne-like and weightless as far as most IPAs go. I am much more a fan of the IPAs that sit on the palate and carry the flavor, even after a swig. That being said, the light weight did make it easy to continue turning back to drink.

The taste was dynamic, but tough to decipher. It was more mild than the smell would lead on, which I see as surprising, knowing the other flavor heavy beers from this brewery. The peach/apricot flavor was almost lost in the bubbles. The aftertaste does ring true to your typical IPA, but nothing about it was set apart from the others.

Overall, this beer was a good go-to for a night out, but not anything I would recommend to someone searching for a new exotic beer.

  • Alcohol Concentration: 5.5%
  • Website:

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