Head was almost pure white and quite generous, even from a growler. Lace was average, though I don’t really care about the lace in my IPAs. Color was a pale yellow expected from a pale ale, but a bit on the hazy side.

For an IPA of this potency, aromas are subdued and center around the piney side of the hops.

Mouthfeel is what you would expect from an IPA, mostly neutral with just a bit of hoppy-sap and bite to it.

Initial couple sips came off with a pungent pine element that faded quickly. It was replaced by a noticeable candied sugar character underlined with some timorous hops. This sugariness is quite refreshing and is almost—but not quite—fruity in its nature.Throughout the beer was a vague, but identifiable citrus tinge.

As one progresses to the end of the glass, the timidity of the hops ceases and a full pine-wrought bitterness comes through, quite strongly, with a more malty sweetness taking a backseat. This bitterness does well in its IPA namesake.

I really feel that if you were to be impatient with this IPA, you would miss a lot of its subtle elements. These elements, particularly its refreshing sugariness, are worth seeking out and make this a great IPA for bringing along your “friend who doesn’t like IPAs” to the style. Solid IPA by new San Diego Brewery.

Beer was poured from a stainless steel growler into a generic pint glass. Growler was filled hours before tasting.

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