Subspace Session Ale is a good introductory craft beer for people who have not yet decided they want to dare to try craft beers. This beer is also good for fans of light, simple beers and those who want something cold and refreshing after a hard day’s work. The aroma has floral notes with just a slight hint of a vanilla smell. This beer is very clear in color and you can almost see through it.

Subspace Session Ale’s flavor is very simple. It has a slight citrus taste, but nothing that overpowers the taste buds. There is no complex layering that your tongue has to break out a detective kit to analyze. It is a good tasting, everyday type of beer. The beer feels crisp and refreshing in your mouth and there is almost no aftertaste.

With its low alcohol content, you can have a couple in the tasting room. Once Intergalactic starts bottling Subspace Session Ale, you will want to keep a few on hand for BBQ’s, picnics, etc.

If you are a craft beer fan and your friends still don’t want to “try that snobby beer”, take them to Intergalactic and get them a glass of Subspace Session Ale. This beer should be able to win them over to the craft side.

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