That is what they should have named this beer. As a precursor I drank this beer after a very long arduous day at work so bare with me as I slip in to this beer like a luxurious nightgown and get comfortable.

Seriously though, the beautiful honey amber color of RuinTen is so beautiful. And I say this in a loving way but it is like looking into the eyes of a lover. The head of this beer is a light macadamia brown and bubbly. The lace is bubbly/sudsy but is not intricate in any way.

Aroma is a sincere mint and spices but very hard to detect then again I never feel like my nose can get smells entirely accurate.

Mouthfeel, thick in a sense that the taste and smell will easily overpower the tongue. If you do not like IPA or heavily hopped beer DO NOT DRINK.

110 IBUS’ , 5 LBS of hops per barrel, people pardon my french in this next phrase but I feel like Stone is saying:
“Do you think this is a fucking game?”

The beer itself is very bitter, this can be very shocking to the palate so I feel as if you need to be prepared for that or ease into it. If you are a slow drinker be wary of this bitterness as I feel it can be seen or felt more negatively than positively for the Stone team. The leftover taste of the bitterness of this beer is not to be messed with, it is best to be eating something with a cream based or cheese base to break away from the bitterness.

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