Iron Fist BrewingAroma – The initial scent is bready and sweet when taking a small whiff. As the aroma develops, there is a strong honey-like scent, rich in its sweetness. Its sweet smell is enticing. There is a light hop smell that floats around the background of the aroma.

Visual – This kolsch poured cloudy into its glass while having a mild blonde color. Its visual appeal was overall dull with an easy sudsy head and look. The kolsch itself looked thin and mild all around. The beer appeared hazy at best while resting.

Mouthfeel – In the mouth, the drink felt tight and bitter on the tongue, yet stayed light and crisp. The drinkability was easy for this dry, light bodied beer that had a softer carbonation.

Taste – The bitterness that lingers is not something you normally expect from a kolsch that has a tiny hop note to it. The bready/yeasty smell also develops on the tongue and confuses from the original bitterness. Smaller fruity notes lend to a gentle undertone of fruit but is mostly overpowered by the mundane bitterness.

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