RTA-6Pack-NewGreetings humans. I am here, as usual, to speak to you about your beer.

Beer is a bit on the hazy side, with a strong rusty red color. No lacing to speak of, but the really beautiful color makes up for this.

To the nose, the beer puts off a fruity fermented scent that I was not particularly fond of, but didn’t really ruin the experience of the beer. The same cannot be said for the scents I have detected within the beer’s namesake.

Red Trolley is full of earthy malt flavors that are also quite sweet. While sweet, the beer never feels too heavy. As the beer ends, the malts become burlier and the first sign of bitterness is found. It is slight and is overrun by the strong toasted malt flavor.

A good beer to have as your planet’s axis shifts you further away from the sun and your local climate becomes cool. Not terribly exciting though.

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