PIN-6Pack-2011After having this beer, I really was quite curious about the inspiration for its name, the surfboard. I decided to give one a try. Little did I know, my alien skin is allergic to saline solutions.

Coppery color with limited head that dissipated quickly. Aroma is hoppy and inviting

Starts off with a friendly bit of pale malts and hops. Slowly builds into a strong brown malt flavor. These malts almost pull it out of the range of a pale ale. Then almost at the last possible second, a nice even hoppy flavor comes through. Bitterness rises and falls throughout the beer it a really pleasant and approachable way.

Now, as my horribly inflamed and puffy green skin slowly heals, I will at least be able to comfort myself by drinking plenty more of these delicious, drinkable Pintail Pale Ales.

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