The aroma is a promising blend of hops and fresh malts. Head was white, thin–about pinky thick–and quite frothy. Lace is quite literally non-existent. Beer is gold hued and crystal clear, the quintessential “beer look.”

Like most of this beer, mouthfeel is crisp and clean feeling.

A first reaction to the beer was one of distinct freshness. Not a freshness purely regarding the age of the beer, but in its bodiedness and lightness. It feels really crisp with fleeting citrus flavor taking center-stage while malts cavort around it. As the beer continues, it opens up into a fuller body defined heavily by its hops. The hops are a tad aggressive in their bitterness and notably piney for a Pale Ale. These hops really come out later in the beer at which point it would be easy to think this were an IPA if it didn’t say Pale Ale on the bottle.

This Pale Ale feels geared toward being not so much an experience, but a crystallizer of experiences. It pushes a distinctly Southern California rationale of an Pale Ale. It is not just a summery crisp beer, but a beer that it want to be consumed all-year round and wants you to associate bitterness as an inherent part of Ales. Add in its relatively low 5.2% ABV and this beer is practically begging to be the new session beer of choice in Southern California. I for one enjoy it and would love to stock my fridge with it as a go-to beer for any casual occasion.

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