Modern Times Fortunate Islands in a Can

This alien has been hearing about Modern Times Beer for quite some time.  There had been buzz for months on how this new brewery had some well known talent, at the start.  I guess their retro 1950′s looking branding and overbearing internet buzz, made me a bit skeptical.  After analyzing human DNA all day, I made my way over to Bine & Vine and picked up a 16oz can of Modern Times Fortunate Islands.  I took the beer back to the mothership for analysis.  I poured the beer into a tulip glass and the findings were remarkable.

I poured the can into the glass and it had a nice golden color with a white froth that settled to a permanent layer of foam.  As I drank the beer the lacing stuck to the sides of the glass, showing me how much I started with.  After admiring the sight of the beer for a bit, I brought it examine the scent and was immediately struck by the strong hop smells of pineapple, citrus, pine and slight hints of mint.  When drinking you get light malt sweetness up front, followed by huge tropical hop, citrus and wheat bread, ending in clean hop bitterness.  This beer felt slightly thick, lightly carbonation with no detectable alcohol warmth.

For the homebrewers out there, you may be interested to know that Modern Times lists recipes for their beers on their page.  You can view the recipe or download it formatted for the BeerSmith software!  To me, this is great as so many of us homebrewers would love to brew clone recipes but you know this one is accurate, coming straight from the brewery.

I think this is absolutely a fantastic beer!  I find it hard to classify but the closest thing I have had to it is Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ as a wheat IPA.  But this beer has a much more tropical taste and tasted really fresh!  In fact, it was probably one of the freshest beers I have ever had.  Could it be because this beer was canned within the last few weeks?  Or was it because it was in a can, not a bottle and it preserved the hop flavor and aroma so much better than your standard brown glass bottle?  Who knows.  Judge for yourself if you see it on can or draft.  I look forward to consuming and reviewing the other beers from Modern Times.

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