When it comes to IPA’s in Southern California a lot of people would agree with me that Stone Brewing Co.’s Stone IPA sets the bar. And for my palette it definitely does, when I think on it Stone was probably my first IPA and it is still an easy go to for me at a bar if I’m unwilling to try another or if I feel like remaining in my comfort zone. A lot of people see IPA as the Introductory to Craft Brewing and I believe Stone and their line of beers as well as the rise of Craft Beer in general have caused this.

This beer starts amazingly well the aroma is hoppy and malty and just… bliss in a sense. I’ve always liked this beer, I am an IPA fan. This is a beer regularly pick up for casual drinking so yes… I’m slightly biased. You can smell the hop, and it is powerful, not much of a nose for anything else on this beer but that is okay… mainly because I know what is coming.

The head of this beer is a bubbly not sudsy pale white that leaves a beautiful lace along the glass with each sip like a veil. The color a beautiful gold and light brown that gives a honey warm feel to the glass.

First sips and mouthfeel, even from bottle or tap this beer has little carbonation and smooth tones of malt and hop that carry on the palette. This beer most definitely can be seen as too bitter for some drinkers so please beware of that.

Taste, drinking this beer is easy. In other words it isn’t really complex in it’s flavor.The hops are obvious and strong, left with a bitter resin on the roof of your mouth that sits for a period of time even after the glass is dry. Easily left there to tempt you into purchasing another pint or to remind you of how good that last sip once was.

This for me is an everyday or night beer, it may be equivalent only in popularity of coors-light for hillbillies in the South but this tastes much better, looks much better and I’d rather knock out a keg of this any day.

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