Upon pouring, it was surprising to see such a dark color from a IIPA (Double IPA); a rich copper color with a thin lacing. The head was small and did not have too long of a retention, but was enough to suffice.

The aroma was a bit of a let down. Used to the strong piny citrus of most IPAs, this was underwhelming and took effort to truly gather a distinct aroma, which was a simple hop/citrus combination that did not leave a lasting impression.

A sweet nectar flavor greeted me from the first sip. Less than impressive in its piny flavor, it left a light aftertaste of caramel that was delightful, yet uncharacteristic of the beer type. A smooth and mild flavor that would be nice for those just starting to learn their IPA palette.

The weight of this beer was another note, uncharactaristic of the name IPA. Instead of the light, refreshing punch most beers with the name deliver, this was smooth; not overly carbonated, producing a soft head that did not give way to the powerful flavor, but rather complimented it.

Overall, I was joyed by this brew and found it easy to drink, but found that many who find themselves fans of IPAs or IIPAs would be rather let down to find this among their favorites.

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