Beer pours with thick creamy head that slowly dissipates while leavinga nice even lacing. Beer is a pale yellow color and –as expected in a hefewiezen–quite hazy. In all honesty, it looks a bit like the lemony part of a lemon merangue pie, which is kinda neat.

Smell is light, with notes of fruit and wheat, a bit like the faint scent of oatmeal.

FLavor is crisp and friednly. Dominant first flavor is of a sweet bready fruitiness, with faint apple and citrus notes. This is chased by a more noticeable citrus tartness. Finally one is hit with a solid earthy wheat flavor that just lingers on the tongue after the beer is gone. This flavor is sweet, but hearty and a good counterrpoint to the earlier tartness.

The aggressive carbonation at the beginning of this bottle is worthy of noting. It really played up the fruity parts of the beer nicely. As the bottle moved on, though the “bite” quieted down, and the beer became a calmer, more serious hefeweizen.

If you like a tame hefe that does not go too far off the rails with fruits or the like, than you can’t go wrong with the Mission Hefeweizen. That said, there is not much to separate this beer from an already broad field of hefeweizens. It delivers on all the points necessary, but does not really elaborate on any of them.

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