IronFistWallpaperViewing this beer, it had a cloudy gaze to it while having a deeper golden appearance. It had simple lacing with a smaller head to it. However, its cloudiness wasn’t a benefit for this beer. The lacing did not stick around, leaving this murky beer looking simple.

The taste was citrusy and malty with a distinct Belgian taste. The overall tone was sweet and fruity, while having caramely undertones that are pleasant to those with a sweeter palate. At the bottom of the sweetness was a hint of banana, but nothing that was pronounced or overthrowing to any other flavor.

The aroma of this golden beer was also citrusy with lemony notes, also containing a slight malty scent. The sweet smell is also slightly spiced, with Coriander floating around the nose. Overall a rather sweet, candy like smell.

The feel on the tongue was smoother to me with a small to medium carbonated feeling that lingers on the tongue. The overall mouth feel was on the lighter side of beers while being easy to drink.

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