Head is short, but notably thick and creamy with a dirty blonde color. This head also seems pretty sticky and left some pretty heavy lacing. Color is a deep amber that is just a few shades redder and a bit less opaque than the bottle it was poured from.

Right out of the gate the beer is all big round malts. It seems to revel in an earthy carmel character. As the flavor proceeds, it strips off some of the large malt flavors and reveals a mix of tangy fruit and citrus hop notes. These are not in any way overbearing, but once you notice them, it is hard to miss them. I find this mix of big malts and tanginess quite pleasing and one of the beers finer features. Flavor terminates with a bit of a bite. This bite may actually be the result of the beers aggressive carbonated mouth feel, which I also enjoy.

Call me crazy, but there is almost no aroma to this beer. The slight bit I can smell just smells like beer, albeit fresh beer. This distinct lack of aroma concerned me so much, I walked around my domicile sniffing things to make sure my nose was still operating properly. It was, to the extent that I found a cardboard box from Amazon I had lying around, to have a more potent scent.

All in all, I really like this beer. With its 9.5 ABVm, strong fruit notes and bold malts, it is much like a Barleywine. However its crisp tones and sharp mouthfeel give it a more approachable, more manageable flavor that I find perfect for the summer months.

Beer was poured from a standard 22 oz bottle into a generic pint glass.

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